Savan Gupta, Senior Consultant & Founder

Savan Gupta is a vetted recruiter, cross-trainer and project manager, working in the Information Technology and Finance industries for over a decade.  Experienced with storied and prestigious firms such as UBS Investment Bank, Alliance Bernstein, G.E. Commercial Finance and Charles Schwab. Mr. Gupta has also consulted with Pharmaceutical, Event Management and Media Production firms. Throughout his career, Mr. Gupta’s experience has been in regulatory documentation, recruitment, cross-training, outsourcing and project management.

Of the many positions Savan has held over the years, operational efficiency, team building and process management remain at the core of everything he does. The ability to manage and change processes is key to long-term success, when coupled with a team specialized in problem solving and lateral thinking. Most businesses hire candidates then supplement them with the assistance of consultants. We propose we help you get it right the first time around.

We provide top notch support for all our work and are available from Monday – Friday 08:00 am to 12 am. We’ll even answer inquiries and correspondence on the weekend. So if you need any help or maybe have some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

My Skills

  • Web Design & IT

    7 years
  • Operational Efficiency

    7 years
  • Project Management

    9 years
  • Marketing

    6 years
  • Team Building

    16 years

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